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Debbie informs Frank of her and Fiona's pregnancies and he is adamant that they can't get rid of the children and they decide to hold an intervention for Fiona. Debbie struggles to get anyone else in her family on her side, but they press on with the intervention and it makes Fiona laugh.

It does make it hit her that she's carrying a baby, but she says she is getting rid of it and heads to the clinic with Frank, but he makes it a trip to remember when he says loads of stuff about her killing the baby.

Fiona realizes she will need to speak to Gus and let him know the situation, but she gets more than she bargained for when he is happy to see her, but she quickly realizes that he was lying when he publicly embarrasses her with a song he wrote for her. 

Sean is waiting for her at Patsy's to console her about everything, but she knows it is her fault. When they go a walk and return home, there is an eviction notice on the door. 

Frank is letting the neighbors who lose their homes to live in the backyard, but Fiona is not happy with the whole thing. 

Fiona gives Debbie an ultimatum when she pleads for her blessing to have the baby. A tearful Debbie storms off. 

V and Kev try to make things right with Yanis, but when he starts threatening the two Lisa's lives, they keep very quiet about their part in the whole thing. 

The teachers at the high school are worried because of gun violence and buy guns from Carl for protection and it leads to a comical scene where they all pull out their guns in the canteen because they think there's a school shooting. 

Ian goes to see Lip when he gets a new job. He's still struggling with his diagnosis and takes it out on Lip the next morning when he has to clean the college campus trash. Ian storms off into the night, wondering what will become of his life, but there's a big car crash and Ian saves a woman's life. 

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