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Carl gets out of juvie early, but Chuckie is still stuck there. When Carl returns home, he quickly lets Fiona know that he's grown up quite a bit and that he'll be having a friend stay over for some time. Fiona reluctantly agrees and says that she'll throw a welcome home party for him. At the party, Carl is socially awkward and doesn't care to chat with his family. His friend Nick shows up and the family are shocked because of how old he looks. Carl bails on his party and leaves his family speechless. 

Fiona drags Debbie to find out whether she really is pregnant, but Debbie continues to rebel because she knows that the baby is the only way she can every truly ditch her family and move into Derek's. At her appointment, Debbie refuses to let Fiona in the room and is ecstatic when she finds out she is pregnant, but she puts on a sad for for Fiona, when she declares that she isn't pregnant. At school, Debbie is shocked when Derek starts blowing her off and leaves her to attend a parenting class on her own. 

When she goes over to his place after struggling to contact him, his mother drops the revelation that Derek has moved to Florida and she won't be seeing him again. An inconsolable Debbie texts him that night and gets the shock of her life the next morning when his mother appears in the house and lets the whole family know she is pregnant. Debbie is horrified that they now know the truth. 

Fiona and Shawn are officially an item and things seem to be going good, but when a new opportunity arises within Patsy's, Shawn pressures Fiona into taking it, but it causes a rift between Fiona and her co-workers. In the end, Shawn talks Fiona into taking the job. 

Mickey is in jail for at least 8 years for an attempt on Sammi's life. Ian steers clear of him, but Svetlana declares that MIckey will only see her and the kid if he is there and offers him money to go with her. He agrees and tries to avoid Mickey at the meeting, but Mickey tells him to come over. Ian really could care less about speaking to him, but that changes when Mickey shows him a tattoo of his name. Ian laughs because he spelt it wrong, but after a heart to heart, Ian decides to wait on Mickey. Svetlana gives Mickey a job to kill someone on the inside.

Frank is still reeling from Bianca's death and hangs around the cemetery at all times. He tries to have sex with her grave and is thrown out. 

Lip gets jealous when he sees a college aged guy leaving his cougar's home and attacks him, but things take a shocking turn when he is revealed to be her son. 

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