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Fiona continues her quest to have Debbie end her pregnancy, but Debbie continues to rebel and takes a bag of flour out the house with her, dressed as a baby to prove that she can watch it. She has a lot of candid conversations with teenage mothers in her school about the whole thing, but still wants the baby. 

She can't get a hold of Derek and decided to go see his sister in law at work, but she tells Debbie that Derek was the one who wanted to leave. He didn't want to be trapped and have his career hopes grind to a halt. Debbie is horrified and realizes she was the one in the wrong, but it's too late. 

She still maintains that she wants to keep the baby, but Fiona enlists the siblings to help talk her out of it. 

Fiona struggles to run the cafe because Sean constantly leaves and the staff are constantly on her back. It isn't helping that Ian lashes out at her and she's forced to fire him. 

Sean informs her that he took drugs and she doesn't know how to feel about the whole situation and it all becomes too much for her. At her drug test, she's presented with the shock revelation that she's also pregnant and doesn't know what to do about it all. 

Carl is making his mark known around the South Side and is even selling guns from the school toilets. 

Lip's relationship with his cougar is strained and she even notes that he could kill her husband. 

Kevin snaps a wire on Jonas' motorbike, thinking it will fail to start, but it was the brake wire he cut and the man is in a big accident.

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