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Fiona moved on with her life and tried to change Sean's way of thinking about the whole marriage proposal. She wants a fast wedding because she means it this time. 

Sean moves his things to the Gallagher household, solidifying his new take on his relationship with Fiona. 

Carl tries to get on the good side of his girl's father, but he takes him out on the job and lets him know that he knows he hasn't changed. Carl helps him capture a criminal.

Ian and Caleb go to a clinic to get checked and Ian is shocked when Caleb stays in the room and struggles to speak more clearly about his past, but the nurse puts Caleb out and it allows him to talk more about it. 

Ian does his exam and aces it, but he has to disclose his history of mental illness, but Caleb forces him to lie about his past in order to get the job. 

Svetlana and Veronica got married in order to let Svetlana stay in the country, but Kevin wasn't happy about it and tried to find another way to keep her in the country. 

Debbie escapes the commune and has her baby in the comfort of the Gallagher household.



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