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Lip is shocked when Amanda shows up and demands to take a picture of her mural on his dorm room wall, but she talks him into leaving her in the room alone. 

She takes his phone and steals a picture Helene naked in his room and posts it to twitter, where it goes viral. Lip confronts Amanda, but she says it was revenge for what he did to her. 

When Lip tries to go see Helene, her husband is waiting for him and warns him to stay away from her. 

The Gallaghers are thrown out of their home early when the bank seizes the house. With all their belongings in the street, they rally to work out what they can do. Veronica takes in some of the stuff, but she can't take the family because she has taken in a group of child refugees. 

Fiona has an argument with Sean when he says that she and Liam can stay with him, but not Carl because of his time in juvie. 

Frank forces Debbie to undo some of her buttons in front of Tyler, but it doesn't help. He does agree that she can stay with them for helping. Frank warns her to unlock the window at night so that he can sneak in. 

Ian goes to a day for firefighters and gets drunk. He runs into Tony, who has come out as gay recently. After a game of soft ball, Ian drunkenly comes on to Caleb, but he is less than impressed with Ian's advances. 

When questioned, he says that he isn't into just jumping into sex before dating. Ian agrees to a date.

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Shameless Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

This is bible study Kevin. We're here to praise Jesus, not ask him for favours.


Chuckie, if you want to stay alive, go to school.