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The Gallaghers can't get to sleep because of Freddie constantly crying. Debbie will not let anyone near her child because she fears of allergies. 

Frank offers to help Fiona with the wedding and she laughs it off, but she's shocked when he shows up with money that he obtained illegally to ensure he has bought her trust back. She's skeptical, but back at the house tensions flare when Sean goes off on Frank for the way he treats everyone. 

The fight and Fiona sends Frank packing, but he goes on the L and meets someone who offers to take Sean out of the equation and Frank offers over the money for his life before leaving the train. 

Lip has had enough of his professor and publicly mocks him before being fired from his job as a TA. 

Ian starts his job and his first day goes great, but his world is turned upside down when his boss gets the results of the background check and fires him on the spot. 

Svetlana and Veronica try to convince immigration of their relationship, but things go awry when Svetlana lets Veronica know that she likes her and the two of them have sex on two occasions.

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Shameless Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Lip: It'd be funny if he actually showed up.
Fiona: And what? Pretended to reach into his pocket?

It's my traditional right to ask said patriarch pay for it.