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At Debbie's scan, Frank informs her that she will need to find an older man to take care of her baby. 

Debbie is horrified when Frank brings an old man back from the hospital to set them up. She storms off, but Frank doesn't stop there, and then finds her a younger man with a dying wife. She then realizes she might have to follow through on it in order to have the best upbringing for her child.

Fiona finds out that she could get accepted for a mortgage on the house, but must bring up a down payments. She decides she doesn't want to use Carl's drug money for that and sells Gus' grandmother's ring for a fraction of what it's worth. 

At the auction, the family loses the house when someone over bids them, leaving the family distraught.

Lip continues his relationship with Helene, but when she is ridiculed in public at a book convention, she gets drunk and says things are different with him. 

The next morning, she tells him to forget everything she said. 


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Shameless Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Debbie: That's my baby.
Frank: Hello, little Gallagher

Even with welfare there's no way you'll pull down the dough you'll need.