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Fiona told Debbie she would need to rent her room out if she didn't find a way to bring the money in for her part of the bills. Debbie then went to an interview at a donut shop, but Fiona showed up and ruined the interview. 

Fiona realized she should make Patsy's a 24-hour place to combat with the other place in the area that's doing something similar. She set out to plan the whole thing, but she came across many issues. The register stopped working and one of the waitresses destroyed it. 

Fiona went to V to get alcohol, but V was less than impressed that Fiona went in demanding it and didn't ask how she was. The two of them argued. 

Fiona's party went well and the store raised a lot of money. 

Ian started dating a new guy, but he was confused to learn he was transgender. However, he asked questions so that he knew more about being transgender and found himself getting along well with the guy. 

Lip done some digging and found out that the internship is a sham and that they were rerouting people from countries were gambling is illegal and taking the credit card charge. 

Frank found himself in trouble when his homeless shelter was the subject of much scrutiny in the neighborhood, so he decided to stand at the building while it was demolished. 

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

I can make sure that we do our drugs and beat each other up indoors -- just like the rest of of you folks.


My other wife doesn't love how you sold our wife into sex slavery.