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Carl was on the fence about going to military school because he thought he was getting back together with Dom, so Luther took Carl to see Dom with another guy. 

That was all he needed to confirm that he would, indeed, be going. His family set out to have a party for him, but they were all too busy doing stuff to get it ready on time. 

When he arrived at military school, one of the other candidates tried to attack him, but he floored the guy with one punch and everyone else stopped bullying him. 

Meanwhile, Fiona decided she wanted to buy Etta's laundromat. The bank offered her $80,000, but the deal was for $100,000. 

Etta then forgot about the whole conversation and gave Fiona it for $80,000, with Fiona giving her the option of staying upstairs. 

Lip took issue with the whole deal because Fiona put the Gallagher home up as collateral. The two siblings bickered away about it, but ultimately, Fiona was wondering whether she made the right move. 

Lip's side business of stealing money from the firm he was interning at went awry when the DEA showed up and arrested the bosses. 

Debbie and Neil continued their relationship, but Lip and Sierra realized Debbie was in it for all the wrong reasons and didn't approve when they found out about the engagement.

Frank disagreed when Debbie asked for his blessing to marry Neil, but Fiona agreed. She said it was time to let Debbie make her own decisions. 

Frank was caught when he was stealing money and hiding it from his family members. 

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Morning, chief, would my apache brother like toast, or does he only eat maize?


Debbie: Neil?
Neil: What? I was going to say something nice. You have a great ass, it makes up for your small tits.
Fiona: Thanks!