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Liam went to elementary school to find out it had been closed down, bur Frank went to the new private school and caused drama. This, in turn, got Liam into the private school free of charge. 

Debbie was scared of losing Frannie and quit school. She then tried to get married to Neil and worried the appointment did not go well with the DCFS. 

Fiona struggled to turn a profit in at the laundromat when things started breaking, putting her out of business. Fiona then tried to take some of the money from Patsy's in order to cover up the deficit, but she changed her mind. 

Later, she went back and took the money to pay for the gas to be fixed and finalized the purchase of the place. 

Svetlana tried to find a way to save the family from Yvon, but Kevin got curious when Yvon disappeared. Kevin couldn't have sex because he didn't know what had happened and kept asking questions. 

Lip was invited to a hearing to get back into school, before continuing things with Sierra. Sierra was annoyed when she found out that Lucas had been ditched by his dad and she and Lip went to get him. 

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Shameless Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Lucas: I like my room.
Sierra: Yeah, me too.

Debbie: Are there guns in the house?
Lucas: I have a water gun.
Debbie: I mean a real gun, Lucas.