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Fiona learned that she was only covered for $500,000 of the fees if she was successfully sued, meaning she would need to come up with the other $5.5 million. 

She went to the contractor who said he did not have insurance and Fiona should not have expected it for the price he charged. 

Fiona broke into the house in order to get her dog back and kicked the woman in the face twice. 

Meanwhile, Carl took Kassidi on a trip around the South Side to all of the big sites he frequented growing up. 

They found a dead man and were shot at, but Kassidi said she would not be happy until Carl agreed to quit Military School. 

He agreed, and she was happy. 

Sierra moved in with Lip temporarily because her father was released from jail. She told Lip about her father murdering her mother and her witnessing it. 

Lip took matters into his own hands and baited the man to attack him so he was sent back to jail. 

Debbie had Frank remove her toes so she could continue school. 

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