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Lip struggled to decide what to do about Charlie, so he indulged in some sexual activity with Eddie. 

Charlie eventually told Sierra the truth and she went straight to Lip, but he was busy with Eddie. 

Lip later slept with Sierra, but immediately realized it was a bad idea and made his way to the garage to fix up a car. 

Fiona went on a date with Ford, but was shocked when the date involved all of his exes being around. 

Fiona got a phone call saying she needed to leave because one of her workers fell off of her roof after working on it. 

At the hospital, there was no contractor and Fiona wondered what was going on. 

Ford later kissed Fiona and a new relationship was formed. 

Ian continued to try and find a way to save all of the at-risk teens in the Southside. But disaster struck when he argued with a priest and the priest took a heart attack. 

Ian gave the man mouth-to-mouth and saved his life. 

Debbie used a drug dog to sniff out all of the drugs in the Southside and sold them to pay for school. 

Svetlana flipped out when a woman from her past appeared and gave her money because she helped get her into the country. 

The woman was mad that Svetlana likened her to a bottom feeder. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Everybody's fucking somebody but me?


You fucked up, dude. She's pissed.