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Frank got a job in a store and was shocked to learn that the boss liked him. He wanted to make sure everyone was following the rules and this earned him a promotion in his first few days. 

Fiona was shocked when she realized that only one of her tenants was paying their rent and had to make some changes to the apartments. She reeled Debbie in on a plan to get one of the tenants out by using her welding gear. 

Lip planted drugs in a pizza being sent to Charlie but had second thoughts when he realized that Charlie was actually trying to be a better person and attending his groups. 

Charlie thanked him because he thought Lip broke into the house to make sure everything was okay, and did not know he was the one who planted it there. 

Ian and Carl went to the locker and found a man claiming the meth was his. He chased the boys and threatened to murder them. 

Kevin went under the knife and found out that he was cancer-free as he and Veronica continued to party because the bar was back under their control. 

Liam struggled because his friend's house was so big and he wanted his friend to come to his home for the night. 

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Shameless Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

What you are looking at Mr. Adeebis... a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.


Lip: I gotta figure out a way to get Sierra to see what a phony Charlie is.
Frank: Dangle a carrot. Once an addict, always an addict.