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Fiona tries to get Ian to accept a plea deal that would allow him to spend a minimal amount of time in jail, but he's tired of the way everyone is telling him what to do. 

He goes on the run after realizing that prison is not the best place for him. However, he runs back home when he realizes he has to go the hearing. 

Fiona spends the whole day looking for him, missing a date with Ford in the process. 

Ian decides to go to the hearing and his family follow him. He says that he was off his meds while doing what he did, pleading the insanity card. 

Frank's liver started failing and he didn't have the $2000 needed for medication every month so he went with the generic ones and lost feeling in his genitals. 

He got Liam to shock him with a plug and found himself back in the hospital. However, he got an erection when he was punched in the face and dry humped. 

Debbie continued to try and find out more about her sexuality. 

Liam was forced into thinking he had sex and that he got someone pregnant. 

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

If my brother is sent to jail I'm going to set a van on fire and make sure you're inside of it, you little pixie.


You're making me want cock!