Searching For His Instructor - Shooter
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Julie meets Bob Lee up at the cabin and brings Mary. She tells him that Donnie's mother is missing. He figures out that Isaac probably killed her.

Bob Lee tracks down the bullet to his old mentor and officer in the military. O'brien acts like he doesn't know who he is at first. The man lives isolated away from everyone and sets up traps to keep people away.

He tells Bob Lee that the bullet isn't his because his bullet he designed to splinter off and that the bullet/rifle combo Bob Lee is looking for is due to the rifle called the Black King. Only four other people have one. If Bob Lee finds the people with them, he'll most likely find the shooter.

Nadine interrogates Payne at the FBI. He tries to taunt her but latre on tells her about Hugh. 

Hugh enlists ISaac to make sure that Payne doesn't say anything. Isaac looks into Skif and finds out about the war crimes.

The military come to take Payne away and later on he's cut loose and is in the wind.

Hugh comes in to talk to Nadine and her boss. He's cagey and won't answer anything and Nadine's boss finally decides that Nadine is on to something and not just making things up.

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

No way, I read about these. They're some kind of hangover cure right? [whispers] Does the FBI know you have a drinking problem?


I don't want to ruin a pretty good day, it's just, Donnie's mom is missing.