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Julie has a funeral for Bob Lee.

Mary is going around saying that her father isn't dead, which prompts Julie's sister to confront her about it. Julie tells her sister that Bob Lee faked his own death to keep the authorities off his back.

Hugh tells Isaac that he has to clean up the loose ends, and sends him to kill Donnie's mother. Isaac goes to kill her and she already knows why he's there. He strangles her and buries her body in the woods. She scratched him on the neck, and when Isaac goes home to his wife, she notices that he's been injured.

Flashbacks show Bob Lee, Donnie, and Isaac on a mission. 

Bob Lee was know for not always following Isaac's orders and defying him to do what he felt was best. It usually worked to his advantage.

Hugh showed up on their mission to tell them that the greater good was to not kill Abdull. He and Isaac arrange for Bob Lee to not kill him. Bob Lee questions it. Bob Lee defies orders and ends up killing Abdull anyway when he has to save Isaac.

Payne poses as Homeland Security and works with Nadine to see what all she knows. He tries to throw her off of the case. He drugs her and plans on killing her and making it look like suicide.

Bob Lee stops him. They fight and Payne gets away. Now everyone knows Bob Lee isn't dead.

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

There's a lot more to this war than what you see through your rifle scope.


Cut the ma'am shit. I've been a special agent for six years.