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Jule and Bob Lee organize a plan to get Mary back.

Julie heads to the russian embassy to confront the ambassador and make a scene. The ambassador confronts Grigory about his actions and urges him to fee the girl. Grigory holds Mary in the basement of the embassy.

Bob Lee steals an identification card and impersonates someone at the embassy. While trying to get past security the ambassador lets him in and all but tells him where to find his daughter. Bob Lee heads down to find Mary, takes out guards and with Mary by his side, he fights his way. He pulls a fire alarm and exits with everyone else. 

He meets Julie on the road and gives her Mary but tells her he has to finish things with Grigory because Grigory will keep coming after him. 

Isaac tells Grigory that Bob Lee will be heading to a park and Grigory sends men out to kill Bob Lee.

Bob Lee puts on his military gear and camouflage and prepares for a shootout. He takes out most of Grigory's men. Nadine doesn't want to leave Bob Lee out there to fend for himself so she frees Isaac, even though they had arrested him, and they go out there to help Bob Lee.

They both are shot at, her in the chest but her kevlar saved her, Isaac in the leg. Bob Lee throws a knife at the shooter and kills him. 

Grigory tracks Julie and Mary to the hotel room and starts shooting it up looking for the file that Bob Lee had. Julie calls Bob Lee, and he and Nadine work together to shoot at Grigory, Bob Lee makes the kill shot and kills Grigory.

Bob Lee joins his family but under her bosses orders Nadine has to arrest Bob Lee since he's a fugitive. 

Bob Lee is brought to the CIA with the woman, Gregson, who had previously tried to call Grigory off of Bob Lee. She demands that he gives her the annex B file. She then loads the rifle that was used to kill the president and fires it at Bob Lee. But the gun doesn't work because it had been shaved. She suspects that Bob Lee did it and therefore he can't be charged for the assassination since the weapon used didn't work. 

She clears him but he still wants justice. Nadine lets Bob Lee know that she knows he altered the weapon but she won't blow him in. They part ways. 

Gregson has a meeting with Isaac. He tries to get out of the oranization that he, Meachum, and Gregson are in but she denies him. She warns that there is more to come.

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Grigory: In my country we do not worry about headlines.
NSA: This isn't your country.

You are frightened but you have nothing to fear. Your father has something that belongs to us, when he gives it back, you will go home.