Julie's Frustrations - Shooter
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Bob Lee is asked down to the station and interrogated by an agent about all the dead gang members. He offers to help track down the shooter and leaves the interrogation since he isn't under arrest.

Bob Lee, Isaac, and Ali track down Solotov's banker in hopes of getting to him and stopping him by following the money and freezing his assets. Solotov's banker is the same as the Mexican drug cartel.

Bob Lee and the gang head to Mexico to get answers. They stop a drug truck and take the cartel member hostage until he leads him to the banker. Through the banker they contact Solotov. 

Solotov is still posing as Travis and attends a church function with Julie and Mary. He interrogates Mary about her father but Mary doesn't take the bait. When he gets the call from his banker he heads to Mexico.

He and Bob Lee nearly confront each other. Solotov gets ahold of Ali, straps him to the vehicle and uses him to blow up the drug bank. Isaac kills the banker in retaliation, to Bob Lee's dismay, before the Banker could help them decrypt a coded notebook Bob Lee found.

Nadine works with Jeff to uncover more on Atlas. She tries to enlist the help of her ex-boyfriend, Harris, but he isn't helpful and wants her to lay low. She refuses to do that.

Someone comes after Jeff and Nadine so they have to relocate.

Bob Lee and Isaac are held at gunpoint and taken into custody in Mexico.


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Shooter Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Atlas exists...and they're coming.


Mommy says you're a bad man.