Trying to Escape - Shooter
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Bob Lee and Isaac are taken to a Mexican prison by a corrupt Federale. They're told that Bob Lee's car has been impounded along with the coded notebook that they found. In prison, none of the officers are interested in stopping anything violent from happening. 

The prisoners try to attack Bob Lee and Issac. At one point, Bob Lee thwarts an attempt at stabbing Isaac to death. They agree that they have to have each other's backs and plot on how to get out of there. Isaac is willing to kill people to get out of there, and Bob Lee is reluctant to take anyone's life if he doesn't have to.

Isaac expresses remorse about setting up Bob Lee and is remorseful about killing  Donny's mother. He says that he had to do it, otherwise Payne would have done it, and he would have tortured her. He says he's not looking for redemption.

Julie heads to the shooting range, but the owner tells her she can't come back because of how she shot at the guy who was hitting on her last time. Solotov disguised as Travis meets her outside. They exchange words and she invites him to Mary's communion.

Solotov is trying to track down his money and is having no help.

Nadine and Jeffery meet up with Tio and hope to get help from her. She's been stateside all along, but she's trying to lay low and not make any waves so as to avoid being killed. 

The Mexican federale wants the contents of the safe that Bob Lee raided.

Bob Lee and Isaac stage a fight and get thrown in wooden boxes. They talk about why Isaac. set up Bob Lee. Isaac pretends to give up information and Bob Lee is meant to be transferred out but is really being taken out to be killed. When they pass they exchange something. 

Bob Lee beats up the men transferring him and steals their uniforms.

Julie has a run in with the guy she shot at and his friends. He wants money and more from her. 

Solotov overhears Julie telling Estella about Bob Lee being in Mexico.

Tia is sent in to retrieve files, but she escapes out the back and leaves her barracks. Nadine and Jeffrey try to track her down.

Bob Lee heads to the impound to get the book from his truck. Solotov arrives in Mexico posing as a federal agent. He attempts to speak with Isaac alone. Solotov kills the federale and Isaac escapes. 

Bob Lee gets the notebook and buries it. Nadine and Jefferey track down Tio. She signed off on Zehnders psych eval to save her brother. 

Bob Lee gets back home. The sheriff comes to warn Julie that the man she assaulted is filing charges.

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Shooter Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Isaac: I made a series of mistakes man.
Bob Lee: Was Donny's mother one of those mistakes?
Isaac: Yeah, she was.

Isaac: We can do the marriage counseling after we get out of here. For now, we need a plan.
Bob Lee: The plan is don't die.