Being Courted - Shooter
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Bob Lee confronts Julie about the incident at the gun range. She tells him that he hasn't been around much to notice that she's been struggling for a while since before Germany.

Bob Lee finally talks to Hayes, the man behind Atlas. Hayes wants his money and Bob Lee wants Solotov. Bob Lee and Solotov finally get to speak. Solotov is watching over Bob Lee's ranch with his long scope and Bob Lee is out watching for him. 

Isaac gets across the border but is stopped by the authorities who take him. They hold him, then tell him that they're going to extradite him to Mexico for killing a man because it's caught on tape. When the Mexican Federales are supposed to come, someone else comes instead.

It's Hayes and he has a proposal for Isaac. He tells him that Solotov is going against the code and morals of their program, that Solotov is behind Isaac's wife being killed, and that he wants Isaac to go after Solotov.

There's a flashback to when Hayes recruited Solotov after rescuing him from a mission as a Chechen soldier during the war after Solotov was shot.

Bob Lee heads to the range to ask the owner about a paper he found and the gun that Soltov could be using while one handed. The guy told him about Julie's new friend.

bob Lee head to the church for Mary's communion and to warn her about Solotov, but he's already there. When Bob Lee sits behind him and asks him what he's doing there, Solotov tells him and shows him that he has a bomb strapped to him and he's another one in the church.

They head outside, but Isaac is there ready to kill Solotov. Bob Lee dives in front of Soltov to prevent Isaac from hitting the bomb. Solotov takes Bob Lee somewhere and works on Bob Lee's injury closing it up with a staple gun. He thinks he and Bob Lee are bonded and he wants Haye's money as well as his own back from Bob Lee. 

Julie happens across Isaac rummaging through Bob Lee's garage, and he asks her if she knows how to use a gun because he's going to need her help stopping Solotov and saving Bob Lee.

Nadine realizes via Tio that everything Zehnder said was right and that atlas is after Tio. When Tio tries to break away, a mysterious woman injects her with a syringe while on the bus and Tio dies. 

Nadine barges into Harris' office and bypasses him to speak to the senator, who happens to be Hayes. 





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Shooter Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Swagger, do you not understand that this ends the way that I want it to end?


Bob Lee: When were you going to tell me you've been having problems?
Julie: I don't know, you haven't been around to know what's going on.