The Unit Is a Target - Shooter
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Bob Lee tries to get Julie to go out of town but she refuses. 

In the flashback it's shown that Solotov planned to have 8113 know that he was out there and after them, and he planned on shooting Donny because Donny could identify him. Zehnder is mad that the rest of the unit went along with lying about the heroin and the CIA involvement in their official report. Zehnder stood by Donny's original report of the truth. 

Bob Lee and his former unit plan to go see Alexi, Bob Lee's Russian prison acquaintance in hopes of learning more about Solotov. 

Nadine goes to Zehnder's hideaway on a hunch. When she gets there, she is attacked by Zehunder. They tussle and she's finally able to restrain him and then convince him that she's working with Bob Lee. 

Nadine is tasked with looking out for Zender and having him lead her to Solotov. Zehnder isn't the most cooperative. He throws her phone out the window, leads in her circles, and talks about the CIA, FBI, and cartels involvement in all of this. He also brings up Atlas.

Bob Lee and the gang meet Alex. He uses them as backup when he confronts a new crime lord on his child pornography business. Alexi kills the crime lord. 

Alexi picks a safe pulls out drugs with an emblem on them and gives Bob Lee the backstory on Solotov's involvement in the Chechen army before joining a black ops mercenary group. He tells Bob Lee that the group, Atlas, is supposed to be nameless and faceless, so the reason Soltov is coming after them (and killed Donny) is because they know who he is and can identify him. He tells them to follow the money.

Nadine and Zehnder are being tailed. She tells Bob Lee and thy agree to meet at a location, in hopes that it's soltov and they an take him out. Solotov finds out because he hacked into Julie's phone when he posed as someone else and befriended her at the shooting range.

The gang is ambushed at the location. Zehnder gets away, but Solotov tracks him down and kills him.


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Shooter Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

The key is communication, but the lock is trust.


Nadine: You assaulted a federal agent.
Zehnder: You broke into private property.