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In Texas in 1988, Bob Lee's father, a sheriff meets a man named Jimmy. Jimmy fires at Swagger, and Swagger shoots him. Swagger is shot, too, twice. He calls it in, but while he's giving the details he's shot long distance by a sniper. 

Bob Lee wakes up in the passenger seat of Solotov's truck while Solotov is driving. Solotov is happy that we woke up, but Bob Lee jumps out of the car and runs into the middle of nowhere leaving a trail before collapsing. It reminds him of where his father was killed. 

Bob Lee tells Solotov he pulled the staples out and that he's going to bleed out because he won't give him anything. 

Isaac and Julie head to Solotov's motel room to investigate and look for clues. Julie finds a bunch of surveillance pictures of her, and Isaac comments on Solotov being obsessed with her. 

Solotov takes Bob Lee to a veterinarian to get checked out. When Solotov isn't looking, the vet tries to make a run for it and Bob Lee attempts to help him. Solotov shoots and kills the vet. 

Bob Lee has flashbacks to his father, Earl, teaching him how to shoot a gun. 

Nadine confronts Hayes, but he doesn't give too much away. She and Harris meet up later to discuss Atlas. 

Solotov and Bob Lee stop at a store to get Fix a Flat for the tire. Bob Lee pretends like he has to use the bathroom and leaves an upside-down flag outside so the store owner knows he's a vet in distress. The sheriff gets the word and Hayes picks it up and contacts Isaac to tell him about it. 

Isaac and Julie went to another house thinking it might lead them to Solotov and Bob Lee, and they engage in a shootout. 

Nadine and Harris head to Jeffery's home and discover that he was killed and it was made to look like he committed suicide, but Nadine knows Hayes did it. She finally asks Harris if that's enough for him to realize that Hayes isn't a good guy. 

Bob Lee has a flashback to his father and his mother arguing before his father goes looking for Jimmy. 

The local cops set up a point to capture Solotov, but they can't engage in the firefight they want to because they don't want to hurt Bob Lee. Solotov knows that and uses it to his advantage breaking through the barrier and killing some cops. 

Solotov and Bob Lee continue to head to the campsite where Bob Lee and his father used to go because that's where Bob Lee told him the ledger is buried so Solotov can get his money. 

In the flashback, Earl questions the spouse of Jimmy and she tells him that Jimmy is being set up for something and that he's on the run. 

Isaac and Julie meet up with the cops at the barrier, and they tell them that Bob Lee and Solotov blew past them because Solotov used BL as a human shield. Isaac calls up Nadine and tells her to get a Federal task force to the campsite and fast as she can and come up with a good reason to send them because BL is in trouble, and Solotov is about to get his hands on the Atlas ledger. 

Solotov tells Swagger that his mission wasn't personal. Bob Lee tells him that he doesn't care about Atlas as long as they don't go after his family. Solotov reminds him that the official report when Earl was killed was that he was alone, but he knows that isn't the truth. It flashes back to Bob Lee as a  young boy in the backseat. His father discovered he was hiding in the back just as he got shot. 

Nadine and Harris go to meet up with Hayes again. Nadine tells him that he's now broke and all of his money is gone suggesting that Solotov cleaned him out. 

Solotov tells Bob Lee that the Swaggers and Atlas have been interlinked since the very beginning and it messes with Bob Lee's head. He remembers the now sheriff being the one who showed up the crime scene and told him to leave so he wasn't on the record as being there. 

Bob Lee tells Solotov where the ledger is. Solotov finds it and he and Bob Lee end up fighting it out until Bob Lee finally shoots and kills Solotov. Julie and Isaac find him shortly after. Isaac takes the ledger and says he's going to finish everything. The choppers are coming and Isaac takes off. 

He later meets with Hayes to give him the ledger. Hayes tells him his plans to deal with Nadine and Bob Lee in time. He doesn't realize that Isaach has poisoned him. Nadine comes out the shadows and reminds Hayes of his own words about people not choosing their deaths. Hayes tells her that he's not the last of Atlas. Previously, someone had met with him before. 

Isaac asks Nadine if she's ready for this lifestyle, and she says that she is because the letter of the law doesn't help with Atlas. She quit at the FBI and has a new job. 

It's impolied that the CIA may have been who Hayes was communicating with. 

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