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The others realize Carlita and the card are gone. They find a groggy Harris in a closet. Carlita leaves a tracker so they can find her. Isaac and Bob Lee go in search of Carlita. John brings Carlita to Russo.He welcomes her back. She flashes back to when Payne interviewed her for Atlas. Carlita gives Russo the card and tells him how she infiltrated the group. She explains their weaknesses, how they can be turned against each other, and how she lured them there. Nadine and Harris figure out a way to access Brooks without all the security by going to a function he's speaking at. Bob Lee and Isaac are ambushed at what they realize is an Atlas training camp. They are tranquilized and brought into the building. Bob Lee wakes up to the voices of Julie And Mary being played over speakers. He tried to get out of the room he's held in but can't. Nadine and Harris threaten to release the Earl tape if Brooks doesn't step down. He doesn't want to. Carlita is tortured in her flashback for not completing her mission because she stopped to help John after he was injured. She also lied about something in her past. Payne gives John a gun to save carlita or he could keep electrocuting her as his mission. He electrocuted her. Julie finds a bug in Mary's bear. Isaac wakes up in a room with files on his wife, Swagger, and all the people he killed. Russo tries to get Bob Lee to shoot and kill Isaac. Bob Lee turns to shoot Russo instead, but the bullets are blanks. Bob Lee beats him up and fights his way out of the room. Isaac studies the board of all of his sins, had flashes of all his terrible actions, and tears up the wall. Bob Lee runs into Carlita while searching for Isaac who is being worked over by Russo. She tells him that she didn't betray them, she needed a distraction for her plan. She has a bomb set and ready to blow up the camp. She and Bob Lee busy into the room Isaac i's being held ti rescue him. Carlita gives bob Lee the access to the room with the files. She stays and shoots Russo in the head. Bob Lee finds the tape recording of Brooks making the call to Atlas and killing Earl. They have to get out before they retrieve the hard drive. The building explodes. Julie and Ann take Mary camping to get away. Brooks holds a press conference saying he was threatened but won't be stepping down on national tv. Bob Lee swears to kill him.
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Shooter Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Bob Lee: I can't go home. Not until this is finished.
Nadine: You think following Carlita will lead to answers about your dad?
Bob Lee: I need to know who took the shot that killed him.
Isaac: This isn't about your father anymore. We're talking about an imminent attack on American soil.
Bob Lee: Two birds one bullet.

Don't you ever stop assuming the worst in people?

Nadine [to Isaac]