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Jukie tells Bob Lee about Sam, and after seeing his friend in the hospital he heads to the Bama plant to exact some revenge. He calls the cops beforehand and beats Junior up until Red Bama shows up threatening him. Sheriff Brown and his deputies arrive and when Bama wants Swagger arrested, Sheriff threatens to haul Junior in. Nadine and the others send Harris to blackmail the chief of staff with his ties to a white supremacist group and demand he call off whatever atlas is planning. It doesn't work. Carlita questions the plan and meets up with the Atlas henchman and asks that he take her off the list in exchange for the decryption card. She wants to strike a deal. Bama takes Junior to an Atlas site to protect him. While there he tells him about how he got involved with Atlas and how he killed Earl Swagger. Junior thinks Atlas is his purpose, but Bama is ordered to kill his son beside of all the mistakes he has made. Bama tells his son how proud he is, and ploughs him with drinks that he has poisoned. He buries his son. Presumably. Someone comes to poison Sam. Julie catches him and Bob Lee goes after him.. Via Flashbacks a new major, Major Ray Brooks joins Earl's mission. He gives them orders that Earl questions and won't tell them any info about the mission. Brooks captures a couple of Cambodians who don't speak English and demands they give up their boss. He kills them when he doesn't get what he wants. Earl is outraged over that and the drugs being brought in and threatens Brooks. In the recording, earl mentions Brooks being groomed for something big and their history. Earl video taped a confession of everything atlas did and his part in it. He buried it in old evidence. Bob Lee and Sheriff Brown find it but engage in a.shootout. Bob Lee finds the VHS tape but has to find a VCR. Julie calls Bob Lee to the hospital. Sam died. Bob Lee is devastated and cries, says goodbye, and thanks Sam for being like his father. It's revealed that Major Ray Brooks is the current new chief justice appointee and Atlas' plan is enacted.
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Shooter Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Hey, you might want to get over to Bama cattle. I think someone's about to die.

Bob Lee

I'm not exactly sure where to begin except to say I'm doing this for my wife and son. I need to set the record straight.