Harrison Ford in Shrinking
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Jimmy asks Alice to have dinner. She already has Taco Tuesday plans with Liz.

Jimmy goes to the police department to bail Sean out of jail. Sean asks if Jimmy knows any lawyers. Jimmy reluctantly calls Bryan, the best friend he has been estranged from for a year.

At work Jimmy lies to both Paul and Grace about Grace's husband beating him up.

Jimmy and Liz have a meeting with Alice's guidance counselor. To his shame, Jimmy fumbles at answering questions about Alice's academic future while Liz answers everything easily.

Back at work Gaby advises Jimmy to remind Liz he is Alice's parent.

At a law office, Bryan convinces Grace's husband to drop the charges against Sean. Afterwards Bryan invites Jimmy to play pickleball, which Jimmy declines.

Alice confides to Paul confides about her grief for her mom and her frustration with Jimmy. Paul suggests she should extend an olive branch to Jimmy and have dinner with him.

Jimmy is in a session with a patient when Bryan barges in and confronts Jimmy about cutting him out.

Gaby goes over to Liz's house to talk about her being too involved with Alice because of empty nest syndrome. Liz calls Gaby out on her condescending attitude towards moms.

Alice brings home sandwiches for dinner, but Jimmy is on his way out to play pickleball.

Alice has dinner with Paul.

Jimmy has fun playing pickelball and reconciles with Bryan.

Sean's parents kick him out of the house, so Jimmy offers him a place to crash.  


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