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Lydia decides to sell the house and Nate flips out that she’s getting rid of all of his childhood memories. 

When Nate finds out that Jimmy plans to move in with Lydia in her new condo, he tells Jimmy that it’s much too soon. He knows Jimmy can’t even commit to a subscription of HBO, how can he do this? He will either end up homeless and heartbroken or Nate’s step-dad.

When Lydia takes Jimmy to see the condo she’s thinking of buying, he balks and she calls him out on it.

Harrison follows Lydia to her new job and swears he will win her back. Trying to bring her back in time to Christmas past doesn’t work when Lydia also remember the bad memories along with the good. 

Harrison decides that if he doesn’t stop Lydia from selling the house, he may never take him back so he, Nate, Sam and Atticus team up to attempt to derail the realtor’s open house. Harrison tells people that adult films were made on the kitchen island, Atticus tells them he lives across the street and can see in every window, and Sam pretends to be pregnant and that demons in the house are trying to take her baby. 

The realtor eventually catches on and calls Lydia who comes over to chastise them. Close to tears, she tells them that Jimmy has broken up with her.

Significant Mother
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Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Mom, a condo is where old people go to die.


Lydia: He's snaking my disposal.
Nate: Oh, is that what the kids are calling it now.