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Since Harrison would never go to the ballet with her, it’s a big deal when Jimmy tells Lydia he’s happy to go. But when Lydia gets tickets to the Moscow ballet, it turns out that Jimmy is working at the bar, so she secretly asks Nate to give him the night off.

Nate hires Timmy, a replacement bartender who looks a lot like Jimmy and is a big hit. Not only does Timmy’s Timmy-tini usurp the Jimmy-tini but he brings in more money at the bar and alphabetically organizes the alcohol, making Nate very happy.

Jimmy is so distracted by Timmy and Nate’s new relationship that Lydia sends him home to rekindle their friendship but he finds Timmy and Nate having a sleepover after Timmy gave Nate a ride home on his scooter in the rain. When Timmy intimates that he is the better bartender and better friend, Jimmy challenges him to a duel at the bar. 

The two men hold a drink off with Harrison rooting for Timmy and wearing a "Team Timmy" t-shirt while Lydia cheers for Jimmy. In the end, Timmy has sold more drinks. He tells Jimmy that not only will he take over the bar and Jimmy’s place as Nate’s friend but he plans to give Lydia is other signature drink. Jimmy slaps him. When Nate finds out what Timmy has said, he fires him.

Lydia comes clean about going behind Jimmy’s back to get him time off from work and promises never to do it again. Jimmy is quick to forgive her and tells Nate he doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. The two reconnect. 


Significant Mother
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Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Pollen's my kryptonite.


How could you hire a new Jimmy named Timmy? What's next, a new Sam named Pam, a new chef named Jeff?