Felicia Has Big Plans - Single Drunk Female
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Sam is in bed starring at Jame's IG account.

Sam's AA  group threw her a 6-month sober party.

Sam tells Olivia she needs to have sex and even brags about her flirting skills.

Sam and James go jogging together and she flirts with him.

Sam kissed James and looked worried when he pulled away.

James reminded Sam why they couldn't date and said they were in different places.

Sam vented to Felicia about James. Felicia offered to find Sam someone new.

Carol played mind games with Brit, informing her that Joel wasn't a deep thinker. Brit started having second thoughts.

The coffee date with Brian went well. They ended up at his place, though he looks uncomfortable.

Brian begins drinking to relax.

Sam and Brian are making out. She bolts when she smells alcohol on his breath.

Felicia picked Sam up from her failed date. She's depressed.

James invited Sam to the party.

Brit is argumentative when Joel suggests a passage from The Little Prince for their wedding. An argument ensues.

James tries to apologize for sending Sam mixed messages. She's still bitter.

Stephanie interrupts another talk Olivia was trying to have with Sam. She tells her about her first sober sexual experience.

Sam and Felicia dance together. Sam bumps into another girl, who asks her to dance. Her name is Chloe. They kiss and move to the bathroom.

Brit and Joel discuss the seating chart. Brit looks so tired of wedding planning.

Sam and Chloe leave the restroom together and dance again. James looks jealous.

Single Drunk Female
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Single Drunk Female Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

James: Whoa!
Sam: Whoa good or whoa bad? It’s bad, isn’t it?

Sam: If I don’t see some action soon, this whole area is going to break off and drift off to sea.
Olivia: Six months is when it happened to me too.
Sam: Your privates sacrificed themselves to the tide?
Olivia: No, I started to feel my body again. You’re just emerging from sobriety survival mode.