Ryn Finds Shelter - Siren
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The episode picks up with Ben preventing them from killing whatever is in the water. They hear this creature crying and Ben jumps in to see what is happening. He takes out a camera that was attached to the engine part of the boat. 
Ryn is seen human again at land, she shed her old tail. 
Xander thinks this camera tracking thing that is making the sound was planted on their boat for a reason. Ben advises him to take their time because if the military comes they could all get taken. 
The next morning Ryn is walking through town and she ends up back at Ben’s place. She then shows up at the research center where Maddie is.
Maddie’s father is investigating what happened with the guy Ryn killed. 
Ryn returns to Helen’s shop and communicates to her that she is looking for her mermaid friend. 
At the military location her friend is trying to fight back against her kidnappers. 
Ben shows Maddie footage of Ryn in the water and his attack. 
Ryn again communicates that she isn’t looking for a friend but for her sister. 
Ben asks his dad about their history and his dad says their ancestors made stuff up and it is clear he doesn’t believe any of it himself. 
The camera thing disappears from Xander and Calvin’s living room and they think it’s the military. 
Chris walks up but he is then immediately knocked out with a sedative again. 
Ben and Maddie visit Helen to ask more questions and he seems to have taken the thing from Xander. He turns it on and that causes Ryn to come out and get very worried because she thinks it is her sister. 
In the facility one of the men working there seems sympathetic so Ryn’s sister starts to sing a siren song. 
Maddie’s dad hears more about Ryn and starts to get suspicious. 
Maddie stays with Ryn while Ben meets Xander. 
Maddie and Ryn share a moment. 
Ben wants to take the device from Ryn to give to Xander. 
Ben and Maddie discuss the effect Ryn had on them and they overhear that Maddie’s dad is working on a case with blood related to it that isn’t human. 
Ryn goes into town alone with a knife in her hand. 
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