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Ben and Maddie try to track Ryn down in the forest and decide to call Nicole for help. 

Nicole opens up to Xander about why she joined the military. 

Maddie finds Ryn in the woods and she sings her siren song which brings Ryn back. Ben decides that they should do a brain scan to see how the song affected them. 

Ben's dad is angry with his wife for going through with the experimental procedure without telling him. 

Elaine asks Ben to bring Maddie and Ryn over for dinner. 

Maddie and Ben get an MRI. 

Helen tells Ben, Maddie, and Ryn about the rest of her family. 

The military analyzes Ben and Maddie's results and see that Ryn's song has affected both of their brain activity. They break down a recording of the siren song. 

Maddie loses control when talking to her mother and leaves. 

Ryn tells Nicole the nature of her relationship with Ben and Maddie.

The military monitors Ben's brain activity while he listens to Ryn's song. 

Maddie hears Ryn's song and tries to kiss Xander. 

Ben and Ryn get to Ben's parents' house, Helen is already there.

Ben's dad shows Ben the video from Klesco and Ben tells him it must be a joke. 

Maddie can't get Ryn's song out of her head and hallucinates hitting her with her car. She arrives at dinner. 

Susan asks Xander if there's anything going on with Maddie. She tells him that Ben, Maddie, and Ryn are all in a relationship and he appears surprised. 

Maddie has another hallucination and tells Ben's family that she, Ben, and Ryn are all in a relationship. She kisses Ryn and Ben in front of them. 

Nicole plays the song for a lab rat and it dies. 

Helen asks Ben's dad about an old family cottage that burned down. 

Nicole's superior tells her to make Ryn's song a top priority.

Ben's mom needs more stem cells which means Ryn will have to sing to one of them to counteract the effects of the procedure. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Can we just fact-check for a like a second? So the three of you are working with the military to get some genetic goo out of Ryn and inject it into Ryn's mom. And because of all of this, Ryn just went "beast mode." I mean, I'm sorry. But you all need to get your damn heads checked! That's just one's guys opinion, so...


I never wanted to hurt anyone.