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Ryn and the rest of the mermaids try to hunt but Ben and Maddie tell them it's too dangerous.

An officer comes by about the gas station incident from the night before and she warns Ben she'll come back if it happens again. 

Ben and Maddie plan on filling a tank with seawater so Ryn doesn't have to risk going out into the ocean. 

Ben talks to his mom about Helen's trust. Elaine did a DNA test on her to confirm she's a Powell but she also discovered that Helen has a direct relative ten minutes away from her. Ben tells his mom that Helen is sick which is why she needs the money.

Maddie's father is given a psych evaluation from the state. Susan asks him to tell her the truth about what's really going on so she can help. 

Susan calls an unknown person on the phone and asks if she can see them. Dale agrees to go to the evaluation as long as Maddie texts him updates. 

A reporter comes to talk to Ben about the beached whales. 

Katrina attacks Ryn and they fight. Ben hears Ryn's song and tries to break up the fight but is hurt. Ryn beats Katrina. 

Helen introduces herself to her relative. 

Ben and Maddie try to record Ryn's siren song, but she tells them it only comes when she sings to a human. Maddie wears headphones while Ryn sings to her. 

Ben wakes up in the middle of the night and puts Ryn's recording into the computer. 



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Siren Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Helen: What the hell is going on?
Ben: Survival of the fittest.

Maddie: This is gonna take a miracle.
Ben: Well, lucky for us we've got duct tape.