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Cami sees Ben, Ryn, and Maddie all in bed together. 

The next morning, Ryn asks why Ben and Maddie stopped after they all kissed. They thought she wasn't ready for more, but Ryn said she wants more. 

Ryn realizes that Cami and the rest of the mermaids are gone. 

Xander agrees to help Katrina get back to the water if she helps him get the mermaid that killed his dad. As soon as they get to land Katrina leaves.

Ryn orders all the mermaids to eat together after finding them at the boathouse.

Cami is visibly upset back at the apartment and Ryn brings Cami to her mother's grave. She gets angry when Ryn tells her a human was responsible for her death and storms off. 

Ben goes to talk to Xander and tells Levi not to leave. Xander admits to Ben that he found Katrina. They decided to go into the water to help the mermaids. 

Maddie goes home and finds her mom with a giant bruise on her face. She admits that she went back to her drug dealer. 

Katrina plots to bring all the mermaids back to the water.

Ryn has tea with Maddie and her mom, but Susan realizes she left her wedding ring in her drug dealer's hotel room. Maddie and Ryn go with her to get it. 

Katrina convinces Cami to join her and go back to the water. 

Helen's relative opens up to her about his troubled relationship with his sister. She then goes to visit the mermaids at the boathouse and sees the merman fully transformed. 

Ben gets knocked back by a sonic cannon while scuba diving. 

Glen catches Maddie in his hotel room when she goes to get Susan's ring. Glen attacks Maddie and Ryn kills him. 

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Siren Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mom, you gotta stop blaming someone else for your problem.


They can't keep doing this. They're nocturnal. I'm not.