Caught in the Act - Siren Season 2 Episode 13
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Ian shows a reporter Klesco's tape and she tells him it doesn't look tampered with. 

Ben, Ryn, and Maddie have sex while someone watches through the cameras Nicole planted. Helen calls to tell them that Levi is at her house. 

Ryn and Levi's skin glows because it's mating season. Ryn tells him they will go back into the water and try to reproduce soon, as their population is dwindling. Ben and Maddie decide to run tests to see what's going on. 

Ian decides to approach Ben about the footage, but he sees Ryn and changes his mind. 

Helen goes to see John and is told he passed away unexpectedly. 

Xander tries to help Calvin find a job. 

The military decides to do an MRI on Ryn to find out what's happening to her body during mating season. 

Helen calls Rick and tells him that John died and their relatives may be dangerous. 

Rick's sister takes Levi. Ryn and Ben go to help find him. 

Calvin finds Xander's application to join the sheriff's department. 

Rick and Helen break into Beth's home. 

Ben and Ryn look for Levi at the house where Helen and Rick were held. Ryn tells Levi about the massacre that took place at her home. 

Helen calls Ben and tells him she thinks they know where Levis is. Ben and Ryn go to meet them. 

Commander Kyle tells Maddie he wants to attempt to create mermaid embryos, but they would need access to a male. 

Helen tells Beth and Rick that they're related to the Pownalls. 

Ryn and Ben find Levi, and Beth and her family bow to her. 

Beth begs Ryn not to go and she agrees to stay. 

Maddie finds the camera Nicole planted. 

Ian talks to Ben and Calvin about the attack on Klescoe Oil. 

One of Beth's relatives yells at Ben for what his family did to his own. Ryn gets angry at him, and Ben tells her he was afraid she would think he was the same as Charles.

Ryn and Levi go back to the water to mate. 

Maddie tells Ben about the cameras they were planted in his home. 

Xander tries to take Ian to the graveyard, but the graves are empty. 







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Siren Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Levi: Maybe Ben and Ryn make baby.
Ben: That wouldn't help your species, though.

Ryn: We are many seasons without babies.
Ben: No one's gotten pregnant? How long?
Ryn: Very long.