Sister Wives Season 4

"Sister Wives Tell All 2"

Sister Wives Tell All, the Brown family sits down with NBC's Tamron Hall to dish about On this edition of Sister Wives Tell All, we go behind the scenes on the latest season of of TLC's hit show and hear from all involved.

"The Commitment Ceremony"

With only two days to go until their commitment ceremony, the dresses and the decorations are not ready on Sister Wives.

"Celebration Countdown"

Kody and the wives wonder if the commitment ceremony will go off with something goes wrong at the rehearsal on Sister Wives.

"Tragedy in the Family"

In the middle of planning their commitment ceremony, the Browns experience yet another tragedy on Sister Wives.

"Browns in Crisis"

Mariah's farewell party may be postponed when Truely is taken to the hospital on Sister Wives.

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"While the Wives are Away"

Kody stays home with the 17 kids while the wives head off to San Francisco to shop for dresses for their commitment ceremony on Sister Wives.

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"Polygamist Dance Party"

The Browns throw a graduation party for Mariah and Apsyn. A psychic predicts a fifth wife in Kody's future on Sister Wives.

"Kody's Bro-mance"

Kody and his old friend enjoy their reunion by wrestling and jumping off a building on Sister Wives.

"Mother-in-Law Invasion"

Sister Wives returns for the second half of its fourth season, and the mothers-in-law take center stage.

"Sister Wives Tell All"

Kody and the wives open up on the Season 4 finale. They answer viewer questions.

"Polygamist Marriage Therapy"

Kody and the wives engage in some therapy on part one of the two-part Sister Wives Season 4 finale.

"Sister Wives On the Ropes"

Kody receives some bad news on this episode. It could affect Mariah's college plans.

"A Wife Decides"

Big decisions abound on this episode of Sister Wives. Kody, meanwhile, plans for Mother's Day.

"Polygamy Questions Answered"

Janelle grows emotional on this episode of Sister Wives. She talks at length about her weight loss issues.

"Robyn's Secret"

The Browns are finally living next door to each other. On this episode, they celebrate the occasion with a Sunday church service.

"Christmas Surprise"

The Browns celebrate Christmas on this episode. And they get to do it in their new homes.

"Odd Wife Out"

Can the Sister Wives close their mortgages? That's the main question on this episode.

"Big Boy Panties"

Aspyn and Mariah discuss college plans on Sister Wives this week. Elsewhere, one wife may wanna jump ship.

"Four Lives of Kody's Wives"

The wives have left Utah are are settled in to their new lives. Janelle continues her weight loss battle on this episode.

"Picking Up the Pieces"

The Browns are finally able to see their new homes on the Seaso 4 opener. Elsewhere, Robyn talks to Meri regarding her surrogacy offer.

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