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Akmal cut rips handcuffs and put him in the room with Muttaqi where they are fighting. Meanwhile, Boko Haram has come to get the girls and Michael.

The team is on their way to save Rip. 

Rip kills Muttaqi and kills a soldier. Michael takes control and calls himself the Emir. They see the helicopters approaching. He takes the women back inside.

Rip runs through the warehouse. Michael is hunting for him. He tells Akmal to kill as many Americans as he can.

The team lands with heavy incoming gunfire.A gunfight ensues as the SEALs land and the helicopters move to safety. 

Rip kills a soldier and takes his guns. The other guys are outside trying to breach the compound.

Akmal wants one of the guys to bring the girls and use them as shields, but Na'omi refuses.

The team gets closer to breaching. Rip comes just in time to save the girls. Michael and his soldiers are chasing. The team enters the compound.

Rip is trying to get the girls to safety. Michael is right on his tail. Rip has to kill a guard as Michael comes after Rip.  Rip agrees to give himself up to save the girls. A shootout ensues and Rip gets shot. Na'omi can't get the door open. Ester is hit.  She's in the middle of the crossfire. eBear attempts to save Ester.  Bear gets shot.

Michael takes a very injured Rip with him while the team follows. Bear stays behind with the girls and Na'omi.

The team gets Rip and Michael. Bear has the girls and Na'omi. Rip is badly injured. Na'omi is on her way back to her country and asks Bear to give Rip a message thanking him for saving them.

Bear goes home, but Lena is gone. Seems she might've taken Gloria's advice. Jackie is waiting for Ricky in the rain and greets him with open arms. He carries her into the house and finds Jackie's mom waiting. Mom is moving in and she's not quitting her job. She changed her mind about Ricky leaving the team. She wants him to stay with the SEALs.

Caulder is with Dharma, Rip admits to killing the American boy and that his team had nothing to do with it. He gets assurance from the captain that his guys won't be tied up with it. Rip visits the team in the cage. He meets Chase.

Bear and Rip talk privately. He asks Rip about the video he made when Caulder comes in. Caulder and Rip talk briefly. Rip tells Caulder he was right for admonishing him in Afghanistan.

Rip is at the restaurant where he always went and a guy asks to shake his hand and thanks him for his service. He tells Rip that he would have killed the raghead as well.

There's a party at Buddha and Jackie's place. Lena shows up. They talk. He wants her home. She's not ready.

Rip is sitting outside when Buddha goes to get him. Rip opts not to come in. He's going to see his dad instead. He realizes what he did was wrong. He ends up at the pier when Marissa kills him for Michael. She takes a video of the whole thing and posts it online. She's now a soldier for Michael ready to kill another on the team.

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