Holding Their Ground - SIX
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Fishbait is seriously injured. Bear, Caulder and Trevor are fighting to stay alive. The copters fire into the woods to give the guys a way out but it's still tough going with Fishbait injured. it takes two guys to carry him to safety. They end up back in the building.

Prince is also seriously injured. He and Nasry are upstairs. Nasry tries to talk to Prince, but he isn't listening. Nasry wants to kill Gina, but Prince is almost dead.

Back at base Gina is watching the proceedings with the Commander. She wants them to get the Princ, but Commander is more concerned about his men. Gina asks the hostage about Nasry.

Trevor checks out Fishbait to see how badly he's hurt. The copters are on their way back to help out the guys, but the enemy is closing in.

Nasry continues to talk to Prince to try to convince him to leave from their location, but Prince isn't having any of it.

The enemy is preparing to shoot down the helicopters and start firing. They have to leave and can't land to pick up the guys.

Trevor tells Bear that Fishbait will be dead by dark if they don't get out now. Buddha is on the line with Bear trying to offer encouragement. He and the Commander are trying to come up with a plan to save the guys. Chase is pissed and takes off. Buddha confronts Gina. She isn't ordering a shootdown because she still wants Nasry to be saved because he's an "asset".

Trevor performs a procedure on Fishbait. There's a scare for a moment that he died, but he's okay for now.

Nasry is still trying to convince Prince to leave. He's talking about how to kill Gina. Prince still doesn't want to leave.

Chse is outside at the helicopter looking at the damage from the bullet holes and determines where he thinks the dish is. Buddha and Chase head out.

Caulder heads out to take down the dish or verify where it is while Bear stays behind. Caulder has to get out of the way and runs into an issue. he's sort of knocked out and no one can get a hold of him.

Bear heads out of the tunnel and Caulder is there. The bad guys are heading their way. There's more of them than there are god guys.  It's Bear and Caulder against them all.

Prince orders Nasry to tie his belt around his leg. He also tells Nasry to give him the phone. He knows about the phone. And he reads all of the texts. Michael takes off but Prince shoots him when he runs.

Gina is still contemplating everything when the target is hit. Bear and Caulder are still fighting as the bad guys keep coming. Finally Buddha and Chase show up and the guys are saved. They get Fishbait out of there and to safety then head out to get Nasry. Trevor goes with Fishbait.

So now its Bear, Caulder, Chase and Buddha along with Gina on the ground to find Nasry and the Prince. All she cares about is the Prince. Seriously.

They find the Prince but he's nearly dead in the rubble from the airstrike. She pulls a gun on him but before she can kill him he pulls out a grenade. She's dead. The guys put her in a body bag and bring her home.

They return home and the Commander tells them about Fishbait's condition. He tells them that they can't find Nasry and assume he's still alive. Buddha is pissed.

Lena is waiting for Bear when he leaves. They talk about stuff but he needs to go to DC first and then he sets a date with her to "start again."

Caulder gets home and is talking to Dharma. She left Virginia. It's over between them. He's still having headaches and is having a really bad episode now.

Chase is getting some new ink. Trevor is chilling out. Bear and Buddha are at Rip's grave. Buddha tells Bear he's leaving Bear's team and taking on his own.

Nasry is on Marissa's computer leaving a message to his followers and America. He's talking about the SEALs. Marissa leaves the hotel with a determined look on her face.

Buddha is at home talking to his family and apologizes for his behavior. He's going to cook and Lena is coming over. Jackie is by heself as Buddha and the kids go to the store. Lena is there now drinking with Jackie.

Marissa gets off the bus. Jackie spills wine on herself and goes to change. Marissa knocks on the door, Lena answers and Marissa shoots Lena and closes the door. There's all kinds of shooting in the house.

Buddha and the daughter get home and come upon the scene. The boy is alive. Jackie killed Marissa.

Bear calls Lena and leaves her a message, but she's dead. It's too late for him.







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SIX Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Sir, he's going to be dead by dark.


Prince: Whose side are you on?
Nasry: If you want to kill Gina Cline, then let's bring her close.