Changing the Mission - SIX
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The guys are headed into Russian territory for the exchange. They're still not at the meetup spot when they come into the village. A couple of the guys and Gina head down to investigate the village which seems empty.  As they walk through, some guys pull guns on them.

One of the men, Enzo, comes down and takes them to an area to talk. The rest of the guys and Nasry comes down to talk. Apparently the exchange is going to take place there.

Bear wants to search the village but Enzo declines then relents and the guys check it out.

Fish, Chase and Trevor are checking out one of the villager's homes. Buddha checks out under a porch and finds a cache of guns.

Back home, Dharma tells Caulder he needs to see a specialist. He disagrees because he thinks if he does his career will be over. She has a friend who will keep it private.

Jackie is cooking breakfast and Anabel invites Marissa over for dinner.

Fish is keeping guard of Nasry. Nasry tries to get into Fish's head. A kid comes up and play shoots Fish. Fish gives him a toy. Nasry doesn't shut up. The kid's dad comes up and tells his son to get away.

Lena is over at Jackie's place. Jackie invites her to dinner, but Lena says no. Then Marissa shows up and everybody meets "Chloe".

Trevor and Chase bring some food to Buddha. Enzo is playing soccer with his grandson and starts talking to Bear. Bear is trying to stay cool and is getting way too comfortable.

Gina starts talking to Bear about his family. He goes to talk to the rest of the guys. They're all still waiting.

It's dinner time at Jackie's house. Marissa is asking lots of questions about Buddha. She's acting strange but no one is picking up on the weirdness.

Caulder is at the shooting range in the woods with Dharma. She's timing him. They head back home when Caulder passes out.

Gina talks to Nasry about when he needs to tell Prince when he arrives. She wants him to convince her why he's still valuable to her.

Bear is having tea with Enzo who's telling Bear his story.

Bear is alerted to some armed guys showing up. They hide Nasry away. Enzo says he's going to check it out to see what they want. Our guys get into position.

It's not going well for Enzo and one of the other guys shoot him in the head.

A firefight ensues. between our guys, the villagers and the hostiles.

It's not looking pretty for the villagers and there's more hostiles than there are good guys. The little boy comes under the porch and shows the guys the cache of bullets. Then he grabs his own gun and ends up getting shot. Trevor pulls him to safety.

The bad guys throw a grenade where Nasry is. Fish goes down and the guy is going to kill Nasry but Nasry gets the upper hand and kills him. The bad guys pull back. Bear is checking in with his guys but hears nothing from Fish. he goes to investigate.

Trevor meanwhile is working on the kid. Bear finds Fish down and Nasry with a knife. Fish is okay and tells Bear that Nasry killed the bad guy.

Gina is asking one of the bad guys who is injured about the Prince and Michael Hall. He tells her that they were supposed to kill all of them. Gina doesn't want them to leave. She's trying too convince Bear to stay and make the exchange. Gina tells Bear that she's going to let Nasry go. She thinks by doing that that Nasry will kill the Prince.

Gina talks to Nasry about what she wants to do. Again, she's trying to manipulate him.

Caulder meets with Dharma's doctor. He tells Caulder that he's got brain damage which is causing concussions. He tells him that he really should retire because he has such a severe injury.

The guys gather up, ready to leave. Bear is like a bitch. The villagers basically stone the surviving bad guy. Then they all leave. The team leaves Gina and Nasry alone. Buddha has a few words with Nasry before he walks away. Gina cuts Nasry free. She gives him a gun, too. He's got a week to confront the Prince and take care of business. He heads out. She joins up with the team.


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SIX Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Want some advice? Bury it. Bury all of it.


Chase: Should've wasted Nasry when we had the chance. Wouldn't be out here if we had.
Fish: Not our call to make.
Chase: The obvious is always our call.