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Chris wakes up one morning that his mom has packed up and left him with only 1,000 dollars.

After Chris wastes the money on a stereo and a party, and destroys the house, he gets locked out of his own home by a bum who has moved in.

He is forced to go see his father and stepmother, but they don’t want him. Chris ends up running from the home and ends up in a graveyard where his brother was buried. He tells Daisy how his brother cared for him.

Chris goes to his teacher for help and she takes him in to live with her.

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Skins Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

You're home alone and you have an important question to ask yourself. How are you going to spend that money?


Michelle: Stanley, what do you think of my tits. Do you think one is bigger than the other?
Stanley: Which one do you prefer? I mean my eyes are kind of blurring. I might get an infection.