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On the series premiere of Skins...

- Tony wakes up, works out, and stares at the naked woman across the street before helping his disheveled looking sister sneak inside the house.

- Tony walks to school and on the way calls all of the main characters to discuss plans about Stanley losing his virginity.

- Tony sends Stanley to go buy drugs before he can sleep with Michelle’s friend Katie who happens to be a little crazy.

- Tony tries to call Stanley to tell him not to buy the drugs. Unfortunately Stanley doesn’t pick up his calls and buys 4oz worth of marijuana to be paid by 48 hours.

- Tony arrives at the party with a few friends but becomes focused on Michelle. Katie talks to Stanley about his love Michelle. As she seems to pass out from taking too many pills, a fight breaks out between the rich kids and the public school kids.

- The group steals a car to take her to the hospital but she ends up being ok. As they are sitting in the car about to light up some of their weed, Stanley accidently puts the car in drive and they crash into the lake.

- Tony and Stanley lie in bed. Stanley is still a virgin.

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Skins Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Tony: Hi, Nips.
Michelle: Stop calling me Nips, Tony.
Tony: It's a funny name. I've seen a few nips, Nips, and yours are hilarious.

Stanley: Tonight Mr. Happy, the furry city.
Stanley: So you're a doctor.
Le Dong: Who said?
Stanley: PhD?
Le Dong: Pretty. Huge. Dick.