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On this week’s episode of Skins:

Stanley has missed far too many classes and if he misses any more he’ll have to stay back a year. This initiates insults and criticisms from his father in the hopes it will make him do better.

On top of dealing with his parents, Stanley is caught in a love triangle with Tony and Michelle. Unfortunately, he is being used and manipulated by both of them.

After stealing his father’s car, a police chase through a military base, and the car catching on fire, Stanley is sent to court. This ends up causing his mother to leave the family because of her husband’s decision to punish Stanley.

Stanley wants to make a change for himself. Despite his progression to be a better person, he and his father still have to wait for if his mother will ever return.

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Skins Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Stanley's Dad: You don't get off on stitching small animals together do you?
Stanley: No.
Stanley's Dad: Well, keep your hands off my beer.

Stanley's Dad: 7:45 and in the shower. And you thought the trombone was stupid.