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On this week’s episode of Skins:

- After checking out a girl named Betty at school, going home, and changing, she meets up with the girl at a lesbian club for an intense hook up.

- The following morning, Betty meets Tea’s family, all of them. Betty tells Tea not to tell anyone about the hook up.

- Tea’s father sets her up on a date with a boy.

- Tony convinces Cadie to tell people that she’s been sleeping with Stanley.

- A teacher tries to talk to the students about doing bad things. He brings in people with bad experiences, one of them is the man who Stanley owns money to for the weed.

- Betty comes to Tea looking for a relationship, but she declines.

- Right when Tea thinks about telling her family about being a lesbian, Maria’s water breaks and everyone’s attention focuses on her.

- While Tea is masturbating to Audrey Hepburn, her grandmother walks into her room and gets in her bed. She tries to discuss her feelings with her grandmother, but she falls asleep.

- Tea arrives for her blind date to find out that its Tony. Both of them were paid to go.

- The two of them go to the park to goof off. Tony tells Tea that she’s closed off.-

- Tea takes Tony to the lesbian club where the two dance, and then have sex.

- Tea comes home and is confronted by the drug dealer who wants to find Stanley.

- After her dad scares him off, Tea goes inside. She gets into bed with her grandmother. During her grandmother’s ramblings, she talks about being a lesbian herself.

- Tea leaves school to see her dad who has the drug dealer being held in his car. He is angry because he thinks the dealer called Tea a kike. She tells her dad not to hurt the man.

- Tony calls Tea, clearly liking her. Betty calls and she hangs up on them both. She turns back on the music that was playing when she and Tony were dancing.

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Skins Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Daisy: Good night?
Tea: Eh, It was okay. Lot of licking.

Tea: He better be right
Michelle: It's Tony, he's always right.