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Abbie shows Ichabod how to fist bump.
They tell Irving that Andy Brook is the walking undead and they want to use him to interrogate the Horseman.
Two hunters, one of them a Hessian, come across the Horseman's horse in the forest.
Irving demands to know if Jenny is in or out after he tracks her down at Abbie's request. She's in.
Andy is the Horseman's necromancer, his voice for the dead.
Andy tells Abbie that his soul is not his own and if she puts him in the room with Horseman he will have no choice but to obey the him. Abbie asks how she knows she can trust him now, and he tells her she can't.
Jenny and Irving discover the Hessians are probably going to take out the electrical grid.
Ichabod decides to taunt the Horseman when he starts to interrogate him.
Katrina's necklace drops from the Horseman. It was given to her by the man to whom she was once betrothed, Ichabod's best friend. But Ichabod picked it out.
Irving and Jenny stop the Hessians from taking down the electrical grid, but missed a bomb and the electricity goes down, taking out the UV lights.
The Horseman digs at Ichabod with the necklace by bringing up the end Ichabod's friendship with Abraham over Katrina. Abraham challenged him to a dual and when Ichabod was losing, the Hessians shot Abraham. Ichabod left Abraham because they were on their way to deliver the Declaration.
Ichabod refuses to leave the side of the Horseman.
Brooks has a creepy device in his hand which, with a spell, he uses to make little skulls dance and bring forth the minions of Moloch.
Ichabod is in the cell when Brook's device works and the Horseman breaks free. It is then revealed that the body of the Horseman is actually Ichabod's friend, Abraham. Abraham is Death.
Ichabod fights with Death and is almost bested, but Brooks tells him he must not kill Ichabod because their master forbids it.
Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Irving: A dead guy, a mental patient and a time traveler from the Revolution.
Abbie: That's our team.

I can hardly believe Jefferson foresaw holding a headless gentleman prisoner.