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On part one of the Season 1 finale, Ichabod and Abbie discover a secret  in George Washington's Bible and learn the truth about the president's passing.

We finally see where Abbie lives.

Abbie sends Ichabod a text message and he returns it.

Ichabod searches for reasons the date might be in the bible. He recalls a conversation with Washington about Lazarus rising from his grave and ties it to the bible.

Andy visits Abbie and he tells her that Moloch wants a map, directions for which are found in Washington's bible. If she hands over the bible, she will be spared.

Andy tells Abbie that Ichabod will give her soul to Moloch, that it's prophecy. She recalls a time when Ichabod told her just that. Andy says he is the only one who loves her enough not to betray her.

Ichabod tells that Abbie that his phone is too antiquated and that's why he won't use it. He is jealous of her phone and wants a better one.

Washington's bible has ten false verses likely encoded with a message from him. They are instructions especially for Ichabod, knowing he was a witness. Virgina Winter's heir kept him in state and resurrected Washington who then drafted a map of the passage between earth and purgatory.

The prayer beads used to resurrect Washington was filled with sin, so they decide to bring in Parrish to see what he can find.

Andy tells Moloch that he failed him and asks to fight in his army. Moloch answers by wrapping his body in a cocoon.

Ichabod talks about how his life will change when he is reuinited with Katrina while he waits for Parrish.

The beads are guarded and burn Parrish's hand. He refuses to let that stop him and sees the resurrection of Washington and a map of the shoreline.

Abbie thinks that if they open purgatory, they open the floodgates and start Armageddon.

Strange creatures come after Henry Parrish and his hand appears to heal quickly. Something is not right here.

They realise they need to find Washington's real grave, likely on one of the islands near Sleepy Hollow and in the Hudson.

Andy breaks out of his cocoon and looks a bit different.

Abbie, Ichabod and Parrish go to Bannerman's Island, that Washington used as a penal colony, to find his grave. Abbie tries to give Ichabod a lesson on nuclear weapons being in the wrong hands, and Parrish shares the news in the right hands, they ended a world war.

Abbie asks Parrish about the prophecy of one witness turning on the other, and Parrish says the story was rejected from the bible and to remember that prophecies have a way of coming true if you let them.

Ichabod finds the secret grave of George Washington.

They're taking DNA samples of Macy because they found DNA on the Father's neck at the murder site. When Irving asks if she's a suspect, his boss says she's a better suspect than evil.

The Indispensable Man was a well known moniker for George Washington.

They find Washington's body and the map. Abbie is rightfully worried about Ichabod's loyalties as his first thought is of Katrina. Andy comes bounding in in his new form and is no longer interested in helping Abbie -- until Parrish touches him. He then tells Abbie to destroy the map because Moloch needs it to win the war and asks Abbie to release him. Abbie shoves a pipe in Andy's forehead.

The threesome believes they are sealed inside and decide to crawl deeper into the crypt.

Andy rises, Abbie shoots the booby trapped pyramid and traps Andy inside. They espape through the built in elevator.

When Ichabod learns what Andy said about the map, he burns it and places his future in the hands of fate with Abbie.

Irving confesses to the deaths to protect his daughter.

Ichabod cannot stop thinking of Katrina, and he recreates the map from his photographic memory, tears streaming down his face.


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