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Grace Dixon, Abbie's ancestor, documented many important things in her journal. The witnesses soon discover there is a weapon called the Sword of Methuselah that can destroy any earthbound being.

Katrina uses Henry's mirror to contact Ichabod and warn him that Moloch is growing alarmingly fast. In two days he will be full grown. Unfortunately,  Henry uses his powers as a sin eater to touch the mirror and learn its secrets.

The Horseman of Death is dispatched to stop the witnesses from locating the mythical sword.

It isn't long before Ichabod figures out that Ben Franklin had left a clue behind; a sort of treasure map. Abbie and Ichabod set out to locate the sword using Franklin's map. They reach a structure familiar to Abbie from her dreams.

Though the Horseman beat them to the location, the sun was not on his side. He was forced to flee.

The witnesses unearth a hidden cavern, however it is guarded by a Gorgon. That's right the creature of Greek mythology that can turn a person to stone with one look. Abbie comes up with a plan to use someone without eyes (Headless himself) against the Gorgon.

The following evening, they lure the Headless Horseman into the cavern and before long he's battling the Gorgon.

Abbie and Ichabod take this opportunity to locate the sword's chamber. What they find is not one but several swords. Which one is it?

The Horseman easily kills the Gorgon and refocuses his attention on Ichabod. Abbie had been left in the chamber to figure out the mystery of the sword.

Due to the cavern's enchantment, Ichabod can now see Abraham's face. The former best friends engage in a heated debate.

Abraham humors Ichabod even allowing him the opportunity to defend himself. They duel together like they used to in happier times.

Having heard Moloch's horn, Abraham spares Ichabod's life. He tells his old friend he prefers to see him suffer in Hell when the end of times comes. Katrina will be his bride and nothing will be as unbearable to Ichabod.

Having no luck acquiring the sword, Abbie concludes the pair must work together to unlock the the sword. It works and they free the sword.

Moloch, now fully grown, greets his Horsemen of Death and War. His evil plan is beginning to take share.

Fortunately, the witnesses now have a weapon to defeat him and tip the scales in their favor.


Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ichabod: In the book of Enoch there is the legend of Methuselah. He was given a sword with the power to kill any being on Earth. He used it to take down a thousand demons.
Abbie: So Mama was right the sword can kill Moloch.

Ichabod: Whatever man I may be, Abraham, I'm still your better.
Abraham: Toy swords and pretend fighting, but come test yourself in the real world and decide; were you meant to teach history or to make it.