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At an antiquities museum, a mysterious cloaked figured appears killing several people and stealing a book.

This is no ordinary book, however, it's the Grand Grimoire; a powerful book of black magic spells.

Ichabod and Abbie turn to their magic specialist, Katrina, for more information on the man. Kat shares the tale of her ancestors and Solomon.

Apparently, Katrina's grandmother had arrived in the new world in order to join Solomon's powerful coven. The man soon became obsessed with a young girl. Her rejection caused Soloman to turn to dark magic in order to save his own skin. He accidentally killed the girl.

Solomon then accuses the girl of witchcraft causing several women to be hung together, include Katrina's grandmother.

Eventually, Kent was trapped in purgatory when the coven retaliated and Moloch's death set the man free.

Soon Solomon attempts to use the Grand Grimoire, but learns there are pages missing.

Both our Scooby gang, and time traveling team attempt to collect the missing pages. This leads to a standoff between the warlock and the witch.

Unfortunately, he tells Kat to tap into the darkness inside her, saying until she embraces her "true self" she can not be whole.

Elsewhere, Irving attempts to prove to Abbie that he's trustworthy. While Henry Parrish has been gathering his strength at a local motel and bonding with the owner and her son, but there's no redeeming this villain.

Crane figures out that Solomon was attempting to time-travel back to the fateful day that changed his life to spare the girl he loved.

Potentially, this would rewrite history so Ichabod and Abbie had to stop him at all costs or they'd never even meet.

Ultimately, Solomon is defeated and Irving snaps his neck then hides the Grand Grimoire. Irving appears to be evil.

In the closing moments, we learn that Henry does indeed have a hold over our favorite captain. He's no longer the Horseman of War but something much more menacing.

Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

His name is Solomon Kent. He's the warlock all witches fear. Moloch's death must have freed him from purgatory and now he is in our world. Wherever Solomon Kent goes, terror and death are sure to follow.


Ichabod: The Grand Grimoire has been much sought after in magic circles, but I'm afraid I'm no expert on the subject.
Abbie: Where is our specialist in that department?