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Ichabod has a nightmare that Henry is trying to sanctify the bond between Katrina and Abraham.

Abbie is late to her first meeting with the new Sheriff, Reyes. The Sheriff knew her mother because she referred to a few of the calls when Abbie was little girl.

The Sheriff is certain that the only problem in Sleepy Hollow is fear driving people to believe insane things.

Abbie is concerned that by spending time looking for Katrina they're taking their sites off of the bigger threat of Moloch. Ichabod assures Abbie he is trying to free Katrina not only because of his duty to her but because she is a very powerful witch who can help tip the scales in their favor.

When they stand outside the carriage house, Ichabod spots Katrina and Abbie has to pull him away.

The Kindred is a creature pieced together from fallen soldiers who is a match for the Headless Horseman. He was created by good ole Ben Franklin.

It is only possible to raise the Kindred if you have a piece of the body of the Headless Horseman and they happen to have his head at their disposal.

Henry is in a candlelit room speaking to his "father" Moloch. He takes care not too look Moloch in the eye.

Abraham tries to turn Katrina's eye by telling her she is secondary to Abbie in Ichabod's eyes.

Abbie goes to see Irving in jail. She asks him for the head. He shares the location of the head with her.

At the Sleepy Hollow Savings and Loan Ichabod cannot help himself from going off on the banker about the involvent debters that plague our great nation.

Sheriff Reyes and Jenny Mills meet together in the archives. Of course she's immediately arrested for holding a firearm while she's on probation.

Reyes also has no desire for a history consultant on her staff. Despite the problems that arise due to her presence, she seems to trust Abbie.

Irving is on his way to Tarrytown Psychiatric.

While walking through the catacombs, Abbie is reminded of Purgatory. She then shares with Ichabod her fears about her greatest weakness and what may be his.

Katrina comes face to face with her grown son.

Abbie and Ichabod create their own Kindred using the Horseman's head, the one thing he wants more than Katrina.

Katrina tries to talk Abraham out of murdering Ichabod by reminding him the Witnesses are not meant to die at the hands of the Horsemen and the texts prove they have bigger things to do of which nobody is aware.

Henry gets into his groove with his new suit.

Ichabod does the spell and when nothing happens, she wonders if he did it right. The look on his face was priceless. He's not the witch in the family, after all.

Katrina uses a new tactic on Abraham, to allow her to accept him of her own free will so that he will not live an eternity thinking she is true to another. Amazingly, he agrees.

Without a moment to spare, Ichabod raises the Kindred to fight the Headless Horseman. Head against body!

Ichabod rescues Katrina, but she tells him to leave her so that she can buy them all time to fight.

Katrina knows the two Horsemen are plotting a new way to raise Moloch and if she stays, she will learn about it.

Two horsemen face off against the headed Kindred and then Abbie steps in with a shotgun. Henry is not pleased by the diversion.

Having a headed Kindred fighting and giving emotions to the fight is kind of cool.

As they argue over their future, Ichabod and Katrina share a passionate kiss.

Katrina pushes Ichabod away, begging him to trust her. Abbie is shocked at what she witnesses between the two.

Horses are really no match for an SUV

Abraham assures Katrina she's wise not to acclimate to this world as she's not going to exist much longer.

Abbie knows she can't spring Jenny quickly and thanks her taking one for the team.

Reyes visits Irving and as she's there, Henry Parrish comes to see him as his attorney. Poor Irving wasn't given the lowdown on Parrish. His wife contracted him and thinks he can help. He signs a document without reading it and we know hell is about to break loose again.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Abbie: This is insane!
Ichabod: So much of my life can be categorized under those auspices.

These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot trust them with a simple inkwell?