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Colonial reenactor, Caroline, and Ichabod bond over their shared interest. Ichabod was not aware Caroline wanted to be more than friends. He informs her he is married and she mistakes Abbie for his wife. 

Elsewhere, Henry is out to cause some trouble. He calls upon the restless spirit of a scorned woman. She is known as the Weeping Lady.

Ichabod visits Caroline to apologize for his behavior earlier, and it's not long before the girl is attacked by the spirit. The next morning, Ichabod is devastated to learn her body was discovered in the lake.

While investigating at the scene, Abbie theorizes a car left in a hurry. Probably a high school couple that was there messing around. They manage to track the kids down, and they admit to seeing the Weeping Lady.

Katrina prepares a spell and tasks a raven with delivering a note to her husband.

More research needs to be done on the Weeping Lady. There's no better place than Sleepy Hollow's public library for information on local legends. Abbie hears a noice and soon comes face to face with the Weeping Lady, who pulls her underwater through a water portal.

Ichabod reaches into the portal and pulls Abbie free. However, he accidently drops Katrina's letter in the portal.

Hawley performs mouth to mouth resuscitation and saves Abbie's life. They're even now, but he also promises to help when he can.

Abbie tore off a piece of the Weeping Lady's shawl which Ichabod intstantly recognizes it. The unique material belongs to a former flame named mary. The two were promised to each other as kids. However,  it always felt more like a brother/sister relationship to him.

The Weeping Lady comes for Katrina but she's able to break free using magic. As she's running through the woods she bumps into Ichabod and Abbie. Katrina explains she can use dark magic to release Mary's spirit. However, she needs an anchor during the spell so Abbie volunteers.

While Katrina and Abbie work on the incantation Ichabod confronts the Weeping Lady. The spell works like a charm setting Mary's spirit free, but when asked what happened to her back then, she points at Katrina.

Via flashback we learn that Mary confronted Katrina. The two argued and when Mary rushed forward she tripped and fell to her death.

Katrina was not responsible for Mary's death, but she forged a letter telling Ichabod that Mary was going back home to England. Needless to say, he's not pleased to hear that his wife continues lying and keeping secrets.

Henry is summoned by Moloch who is not happy that Katrina almost came to harm. The witch is to be turned, made an ally and not killed. The demon explains that Katrina is a chosen vessel. Henry is returned home terribly disappointed he upset his master.

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Ichabod: I was regretfully unaware of Ms. Caroline's affections for me.
Abbie: Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane on the brain.

The Weeping Lady, local legend goes back to Colonial days. She's the ghost of a woman who drowned in the Blind Brook river. Dripping wet, glowing green eyes whole nine.