Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 online and meet the Weeping Lady. Mary, a former flame of Ichabod's is returns to Sleepy Hollow bent on revenge. If she couldn't have him, no woman will.

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Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to get acquainted with the Weeping Lady. Ichabod and Colonial reenactor, Caroline, bond over their shared interest. Little does Ichabod know Caroline's developed quite the crush. Elsewhere, Ichabod's son summons a restless spirit known as the Weeping Lady. After Ichabod visits Caroline to apologize for his behavior, the poor girl falls victim to the spirit. Her body is discovered the next morning in the lake. Our heroes theorize that a high school couple witnessed something strange there. The kids tell Abbie and Ichabod they saw the Weeping Lady. Meanwhile, Katrina, who has agreed to stay with the Horsemen, sends her husband a letter. At the public library Abbie and Ichabod research the legend of this spirit. It's not long before the Weeping Lady comes for Abbie. Ichabod manages to save her but drops Katrina's letter in the water portal. Luckily for Abbie, Hawley's around to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation. After seeing a piece of the Weeping Lady's shawl, Ichabod realizes he knew the woman. The couple was promised to each other as children, but his affections were always more brotherly toward her. Katrina is taken but uses magic to break free. In the woods she meets up with Ichabod and Abbie. The plan is to use dark magic to release Mary's spirit, but Abbie will need to serve as her anchor during the spell. Ichabod confronts the Weeping Lady and stalls while Katrina teaches Abbie the incantation. The spell works and Mary's spirit is set free, but not before she points at Katrina when asked what happened to her. In the past Mary had confronted Katrina, they argued and she tripped falling to her death. Though Katrina was not responsible, she did forge a letter from Mary telling Ichabod she was going back home. Moloch meets with Henry and he's not happy. Katrina is to be turned not killed. "She is one of the Hellfire Shards. A chosen vessel" the demon tells Henry.

Episode Details

A old flame of Ichabod's turns up as the Weeping Lady, a malevolent spirit bent on revenge on Sleepy Hollow.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (26 Votes)
Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Ichabod: I was regretfully unaware of Ms. Caroline's affections for me.
Abbie: Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane on the brain.

The Weeping Lady, local legend goes back to Colonial days. She's the ghost of a woman who drowned in the Blind Brook river. Dripping wet, glowing green eyes whole nine.