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General Lane and Lucy popped in on Clark and Lois at an almost-compromising moment at the Kent Farm.  The General, who was proposing a new "Vigilante Registration Act" in Washington, didn't trust Clark and put him through a tense interrogation. 

Rick Flagg tracked the Lanes to the Farm and tricked Lucy into luring The General away from the Farm opening him up to assassination by showing him photos of Clark with Kara.  The General ordered Lois to leave with them and head to her loft. 

At the loft, Lois stood up to The General causing he and Lucy to leave. In the process, the tracking device Lucy planted on The General got left behind in Lois' loft and Flagg targeted the loft with a missle.  Clark arrived just in time to save Lois and left "The Blur" symbol on the wall for the Lanes to see.

Clark and Oliver attacked Flagg's van, but Flagg escaped with a superpowered teleporter.

Lois and Lucy reconciled, as did The General and Clark.  Clark told The General he wanted to ask a certain question regarding Lois.

Ollie was having difficulty with Tess in the Watchtower instead of Chloe, and was taking it out on her.  She discovered, though, that Ollie and Clark had been tagged by the Suicide Squad and were being tracked.  Clark convinced Ollie to give Tess the benefit of the doubt, and Ollie mended fences with Tess over a six pack.

The VRA passed and Flagg declared war, sending the teleporter to blow up an anti-vigilante establishment.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Tess: If I recall correctly, your cureall was two raw eggs and a Belgian beer.
Ollie: Let me tell you something Tess, I can do this whole 9 to 5 with you, alright? But I draw the line at happy hour.

Oh I'm in the mood. Just not for breakfas