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Lionel showed up in Tess' office claiming to want to be the father she never had, and intent on finding Lex's clone.

Martha Kent was speaking at a pro-hero rally, but was shot, although the bullet only grazed her. She had a heart to heart with Clark about how she and Jonathan vowed to protect him no matter the consequences because his destiny is far greater than just being their son.

Alexander was the shooter, using kryptonite bullets thinking Clark would have intervened and taken the bullet instead.  Lionel confronted him, and Alexander asked him to help him kill Clark.  Lionel agreed.

Lionel and Alexander confronted Oliver with the news that Lionel and been secretly buying up Oliver's assets, putting him back in control of Luthorcorp. 

After Martha told Lois something about Perry White's early day as a writer, she got the idea to abandon campaigning against the VRA and enlisted Chloe's help to break into national news websites and post videos of vigilante supporters proclaiming their faith in Clark, and then showed them to Clark as a means of inspiration.

Alexander tried to kill Lionel and Martha, by burning the Luthor Mansion to the ground with them inside, and then went after clark with the kryptonite gun, but Tess talked him out of killing Clark. Clark raced to the mansion to save Martha and Lionel.

Tess attempted to inject Alexander with cyanide, only to find out the needle couldn't penetrate his skin.

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Smallville Season 10 Episode 13 Quotes

They say being a wanted man is supposed to be a bad thing.


Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.